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In such a debilitated state, the Earl's immune system was easily overwhelmed by erysipelas". Tutankhamun's mummy still rests in his tomb in the Valley of the Kings. These factors, combined with the fracture in his left thighbone, which scientists had discovered inmay have ultimately been what killed the young king. Royal titulary. The case was designed to prevent the heightened rate of decomposition caused by the humidity and warmth from tourists visiting the tomb. His mother was his father's sister and wife, whose name is unknown but whose remains are positively identified as " The Younger Lady " mummy found in KV Directed by Tolga Ornek.

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The most prominent was George Herbert, 5th Earl of Carnarvon who died on 5 April5 months after the discovery of the first step leading down to the tomb on 4 November American Journal of Medical Genetics. Benson Harer argues that most of the injuries inflicted upon Tutankhamun had to have happened prior and during mummification, due to a test he performed upon dried bones that crumbled when he attempted to cut them, ruling out that Tutankhamun's chest had been cut by Carter or anyone after him. The Pennsylvania State University. VolNo.

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