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I don't know if we were meant to be totally monogamous. It has some juicy details and even juicier photos that leave basically nothing for the imagination. Hot teen babe gets dicked by ron jeremy A lot of porn stories. Have you been able to have romantic relationships while living this life?

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This book contains an inside look at the porn industry, so it's not for the easily offended, but if you have a curious mind and enjoy a good laugh Ron is at times quite funnythen it's worth the read.

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It got me thinking that this memoir would actually be an interesting look at a very intelligent man trapped by his own success and unable to follow his actual dream of Hollywood stardom. Mr Jeremy is an engaging personality and the book was well written and presented. Nothing is described in exceedingly graphic detail, but he definitely gives a good overview of how he found himself doing porn and what he finds so entertaining about the whole business. Yes a lot of the book is talking himself up and who he knows but why not. Most of them had been to college. It makes it hard to read when there are comments on every page that tells of stories about how a house they once filmed in later would belong to this or that celebrity, or how some one they met was related to some actress, blah blah blah. Welcome back.