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Awesome Nikki!! Heaven forbid you ever, ever, use the f-word! Shannon, I just want to say that when I was 28 I met a great man who thought the same way you do because he was 21 years older than me. I am african ethnicity and he is an Indian…. I really enjoy reading your blog and I feel that of many so-called dating experts that you are right on! I don't know if the age difference is necessarily a problem, but does this relationship really feel fun and supportive to you?

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Neither of us is the slightest worried by that fact, and we have travelled over all of Europe and to America.

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Everything You Need To Know About Dating A 30-Year-Old Man As A 20-Something Girl

And yes you are right. It would also make you incredibly complicated at best for an ethically minded middle aged person to date. We've been together for more than 20 years, so yeah, I don't think the age difference alone is a deal breaker. I am about to share with you the root of all relationship wisdom, If something about someone else's behavior feels weird to you, it probably should, and investigating why will lead you to the wisdom behind why it felt like something weird and not something known. That being said, early on, a lot of the magic so to speak is due to the appeal of their age. No, that's not usually how people approach relationships; typically, they are more open-ended in the the expectation is just that they'll continue until they don't, get progressively more intimate unlike this one and I don't mean sexually intimateand timetables only enter in if one party is wanting to move forward faster than the other, and then they have to decide how long they are going to give the current relationship to develop. I can admit I had a difficult time during my early stages of marriage.

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