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As mentioned above, we already know that Austin's application of the K-Ar method to this dacite sample was flawed from the beginning. Lux; G. Satellite image of Etna volcano on 20 Feb As a result, this method is not used except in rare and highly specialized applications. About the Author s: Although Bowen's Reaction Series was established long ago by field and laboratory studies, Swenson, Austin and other YECs repeatedly fail to comprehend its importance and how it can produce ancient phenocrysts, which may affect the radiometric dating of very young samples.

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Radiometric Dating Does Work!

This is extremely powerful verification of the validity of both the theory and practice of radiometric dating. Through January to Februarythe summit craters of Etna were the site of intense activity. How are the limitations of Geochron's equipment a 'rationalization'? Complex stratovolcano Currently about m changing due to eruptive activity and collapse of its crater rims Sicily, Italy, However, without resorting to unproven miracles to speed up the decay rate of 40K, YECs still have the problem of explaining how all of that 40Ar could form in only 6, years. Bristol UK:

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