Dating an ex lover

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He told me that he doesn't feel the same way anymore. I feel we can make it work if the stars align, but i feel there is no chance of that happening now given the distance and animosity that is between us. This is the first part, followed by your reply, and then lastly my follow-up to your answer:. I also feel like I have let myself be codependent with him instead of focusing on my life, which I am committed to doing now no matter what happens. Fall in Love. I still have a lot of questions in my mind that I want to clear. I think we're both in this stalemate of no-contact because although she broke up with me first, I rejected her comeback the next day, so theres no reason for her to contact me again as she was hurt by what I said when she wanted to come back to me.

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Although being curious about your partner's exes is perfectly normal, be cautious if one of you seems overly obsessed with the topic.

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7 Crucial Rules for Dating Your Friend's Ex

Your ex-lover is a beautiful person. It's best to concentrate on making yourself feel better rather than on what he said. Ask yourself what has changed while you've been apart that has affected or resolved these issues to your satisfaction. They have apps for this shit now. So, in summation: More From Thought Catalog.

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dating an ex lover
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dating an ex lover
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