Astronomical dating of ramayana

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The very next day, Chaitra Shuddha 1st was celebrated as a Victory Day. Aryan invasion theory was propagated based on linguistic guesswork, religious hearsay and old outdated archaeological reports. Sukla or Krsna is not clarified showing the non-existence of these two versions, at the time of Vaimiki. This is a clear picture of the sky of Lunar month Chaitra. Sharvan was at this juncture at about B. Thus the references to the Equinoxes and Solstices Ayanas have also been accounted for.

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The Sun was in Aries as the month was Chaitra.

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The Epic Riddle Of Dating Ramayana, Mahabharata

Let us test this statement. From the Mahabharata till today no servant has dared to oppose the queen. Contemporary dialogue on India's ancient past often resembles the battlefield of Kurukshetra, cleaved into two factions, the Left and the Right, mythology versus history, truth versus bunkum. This was predicted by Krishana by astrological happening - "Rahu has compressed Purnima on Chaturdasi day. Therefore, that marriage is called as 'Swayamvara. Holding Saptarsis in Asvini, the years were counted from one to hundred. Vidura's death.

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astronomical dating of ramayana
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astronomical dating of ramayana
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astronomical dating of ramayana
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